IT Administration For Mid-Size Business


Customer Service

H2 is dedicated to providing quality technical support. This begins with meeting the needs of our existing partnerships before taking on new business. We respect our clients’ business because, in essence, their business is our business.

Technical Services We Provide:

Server and Network Administration:
Called “managed services” in the technology support world, H2 utilizes proven technologies and methods to pursue problems on our clients’ networks and servers before they rise to the surface. Systems that come under this administration include Active Directory, routers and firewalls, file security, antivirus, web services, printing & scanning, VPN, and wireless, to name a few. In addition to this, we implement and maintain business-caliber firewalls with configurations that keep your Internet connection secure and ensure secure web-based business.
H2 technicians work centrally, sharing resolutions, documenting relevant information and verifying that root causes have been resolved.
Helpdesk Support:
Resolving end-user issues is critical to day-to-day business operations. H2’s qualified helpdesk team is available by phone, email, and our web-based helpdesk ticketing system to assist your staff with technical issues and questions. We employ the latest remote support tools to resolve end-user issues quickly and return your employees’ focus to their work with minimal frustration. In addition, H2 advocates frequent on-site time to ensure that we are familiar and comfortable with your business flow.
E-mail Support:
Email is the life-blood of business communication. H2 maintains secure email infrastructures at its clients who host their own email servers, ensuring the reliable delivery of email, preventing end-users from having to sift through potentially hazardous spam, providing PDA synchronization of email, calendar, and contacts, configuring forwarding and group distributions lists, sharing calendars and mailboxes, and making email securely accessible over the Internet.
From an end-user perspective, we share our expertise of MS Outlook and other mail clients with end-users so they glean all the required benefits of email client technology.
Backup strategies are as unique as businesses themselves. Data size, hours of operation, retention time and recovery requirements all factor into a business’s backup strategy. H2 works with each partner to customize and implement a reliable, cost-effective backup strategy – both on-site and off-site, if required - that ensures important data and email is available when needed. We also work with each client to develop a practical disaster recovery plan, ensuring the availability of critical systems that will keep your business running in the event of a disaster.
Application Delivery:
Every business uses a unique set of applications: client-server installs, various database back ends, web-based apps, and standard applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe, etc. H2 is experienced in uniformly delivering applications in a multitude of ways, including Citrix, Terminal Services and via Group Policy.
In addition, we work with the support teams of the specific softwares you use, and in a short time are usually familiar enough with each piece of software to handle most problems on our own, providing effective, timely support for your staff.

Non-Technical Service:

Procurement, Budgeting & Warranty Tracking:
Being able to forecast a base IT budget is crucial to controlling IT costs. Our understanding of the latest products and technologies in conjunction with being integrated with our clients’ businesses save time and money when the need for new or additional equipment arrives. Our relationships with wholesalers and manufacturers are extended to our clients. Furthermore, H2 provides warranty tracking and renewal services for hardware and software products.
Third-party Vendor Management:
Every software vendor is motivated to keep his or her piece of software running smoothly, often to the detriment of the other functionalities of your network provides. H2 acts as the bridge between its clients and its clients’ third-party vendors, protecting the overall network foundation while being the IT representative for your business, and advising you when working with specialized software and hardware vendors to ensure their products are fully integrated without jeopardizing the network’s integrity.
Project Management:
It makes sense that you would want your internal IT department to manage the technology projects that fall beyond day-to-day operations. After all, your IT department will be tasked with supporting this new functionality once the project phase is over. Having a trusted team in place who already understands your business and your existing environment provides the confidence that work is being and reported effectively.

How We Offer Our Services:

All inclusive, fixed-rate annual agreement (billed monthly):
Long-term support agreements allow for consistent, cost-effective IT service while providing ample room for unanticipated needs. H2 thoroughly inspects prospective environments, sometimes supporting networks on an hourly basis before recommending an all-inclusive, service level agreement.
As-needed, hourly fee (billed weekly):
Some partners prefer to handle aspects of their IT network on their own, utilizing H2 technicians when they require assistance. For these clients, we offer our services at an hourly rate - at onsite and offsite rates, at fair minimum requirements - with the same thorough approach that we service all our clients.
Project Services, one-time fee:
When there is a clear beginning and end to a project, H2 will work at a per project rate. These projects usually include cabling, UPS installations, server cabinet installations, equipment moves, etc.

Industries We Specialize in Providing IT Services to:

Non-Profit Services:
- Membership systems support
- Security system administration
- Procurement of discounted hardware/software
Construction IT Service:
- Long Range Wireless Networks / Communication
- GPS communication
- Surveying software
- Real-time data transfer