IT Administration For Mid-Size Business

Operating a business today requires a structured computer network. Finding a budget-conscious technology partner to take ownership of the ongoing tasks and challenges that maintaining a secure network presents can be a complex undertaking.
H2 Technology Partners offers in-house style IT services to businesses in the New York metropolitan area at reasonable, out-sourced prices. We provide a pool of technical professionals who become familiar with your network, your staff and your business, all centrally managed by an account executive who works with your companyís interests and budget in mind. This saves you the costs of payroll taxes, health insurance, 401K contributions and employee administration overhead while ensuring that your IT infrastructure is run by experienced technicians, not at the mercy of a single employee.
We invite you to consider our approach to out-sourced IT support. When youíre ready to take the next step in finding a technology partner, please Contact Us to have an H2 representative call to discuss your businessís technology. And be sure to request our client reference sheet so you can hear from our existing customers first hand the impact our services have had on their business, helping you to determine if H2 is the right technology services partner for your company.