IT Administration For Mid-Size Business


Our Clients

The Staten Island JCC
Staten Island, New York
When the Staten Island JCC opened it’s state-of-the-art, 120,000 square foot facility, the techs at H2 installed a secure network from the ground up. In the three years since, email, HR, building reservation and other resources from this network have been extended to all JCC facilities and satellite offices across Staten Island.
“H2 Technology Partners has proven to be the right choice for managing all areas of IT for the Staten Island JCC.”
— Lee Guttenplan, Director of Administration
Staten Island, New York
AKG Law was looking for an IT partner to upgrade the core components of its network, and implement a remote backup strategy, for a fixed-price. H2 took the time to understand the day-to-day operations of this prominent law firm, and were able to execute a cost-effective path to upgrade their infrastructure within the parameters of a managed service contract.
LDS Group
New York, New York
Prior to joining H2, the partners at LDS Group weren’t satisfied with the answers their existing IT provider was giving them with regards to the services and support being provided. Since then, H2 has worked to stabilize their environment with practical solutions and sound IT policy. LDS’ network and remote users have the tools they need to work to the best of their ability, and LDS Group understands the IT service being provided to them.
Cashman Dredging and Marine
Quincy, Massachusetts
Providing IT support for GE’s Hudson River Dredging Project presented unique challenges, such as extending the corporate IT infrastructure of Cashman Dredging and Marine in Quincy, MA to the banks of the Hudson river in upstate New York, to collecting data – real-time - from barges out on the water, and supporting a team of field engineers with the resources they needed to work efficiently. H2 implanted it’s technicians in these rural offices, and worked with the Cashman’s engineers and internal IT department to make phase one of this project successful. We’re looking forward to supporting phase two once it has been green-lighted.
Norwegian Christian Nursing Home
Brooklyn, New York
This busy nursing home employs an array of third-party applications, from menu software to intake and medical billing web applications to government agencies. Over the years, NCH has come to rely on H2 to bridge all phases of its IT, and serve as a hub for its diverse agencies and service vendors while maintaining the integrity of its business network through server monitoring and helpdesk support to staff.
The Sid Jacobson JCC
East Hills, New York
The network at the Sid Jacobson JCC facilitates administrative and accounting staff, social programs and fund-raising at its top-notch facility. A near-by camp also access its resources. H2 is currently working with the agency to upgrade its membership system within its managed service contract.
SecureCare 1
Staten Island, New York
The opening of this home health-aid start-up in 2007 called for the design of a state-of-the-art call center and computing network. H2 took charge of designing and quickly installing this concept, freeing up SecureCare1’s owners to acclimate themselves with the local business community and focusing on opening doors.
The Friedberg JCC
Oceanside, New York
Friedberg’s ‘do it yourself’ approach to IT makes the hourly rate a better fit for them. H2 has fit in, making themselves available on an as-needed basis. Even on an hourly basis, H2 is integrated in this agency’s business.
Sgarlotto & Sgarlotto Law
Staten Island, New York
H2 recently installed a new MAC network at this state-of-the-art law firm, migrating its existing infrastructure and functionality to the new platform.