IT Administration For Mid-Size Business


About Us

Thirty years of working with application developers and hardware manufacturers, in corporate environments and dot-coms, the founders of H2 Technology Partners have a unique understanding of the technological needs of mid-size businesses. Our company is structured to support its clients in a thorough, cost-effective manner that promotes clear communication and business-first technology decisions, leading to the effective completion of projects and tasks. We implement industry-standard, proactive policies and systems that reduce the erratic costs of IT, detecting problems before they occur and ensuring that you have a trusted team of technicians in place when you need it most.
H2 puts forth common-sense service level agreements in an effort to avoid confusion that can restrict growth and leave you without options when you’re most vulnerable. We seek a correct balance of motivation with every partnership, ensuring that the objectives of your network are correctly prioritized, freeing you to operate your business, and us to effectively keep you’re environment running smoothly.
In the technology world, saying it and delivering it are two different propositions. A true, mid-size technology partner must take the time to understand the business flow of it’s clients in order to provide comprehensive IT support. H2 is not an application developer or website design company that “does IT” as an additional revenue stream. IT administration is our focus, and our business.